James Hooper


James is currently studying for his Ph.D. at Wollongong University, Australia.


From the early days of climbing in the Alps and cycling across Eastern Europe, to training for Mount Everest with expeditions to Spantik in Pakistani Kashmir and Ama Dablam in Nepal, James has enjoyed a large variety of adventures which helped foster his passion for the great outdoors.


Mt. Everest

Summited Everest on 17th May, 2006

Became the youngest  Britons to summit the mountain


180 Degrees

– Pole to Pole Man-powered
– A year, a month and a day
– 14 countries
– 22,000km of cycling

One Mile Closer

1. Inspiration
2. Commemoration
3. Donation

Han Challenge

In October 2011 James embarked on his first Korean adventure; to become the first person to travel from the summit of Jeju Island’s volcano to Namsan, Seoul’s iconic central mountain, again using only human and natural power. He successfully ran, rowed, sailed and cycled the length of South Korea in a time just under his 100-hour target.


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