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2010 – 2014: South Korea

James attained his undergraduate degree from Kyung Hee University in Seoul. During his time in Korea James undertook a number of adventures in East Asia and appeared in a variety of TV programs. He was awarded honorary citizenship of Jeju Island after completing the first ever manpowered journey from the Island’s volcanic summit to the capital Seoul in less that 100 hours, running, rowing, sailing and cycling. In 2014 James was a panelist on the popular TV program “Non-Summit” (비정상회담).

2008: National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

After completing the first ever human and natural powered journey from Pole to Pole, James and his close friend and expedition partner Rob Gauntlett were awarded National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year Award. Their record breaking expedition “180 degrees – Pole to Pole Manpowered” lasted 396 days, and took them through 14 countries, skiing, dog-sledding, sailing and cycling.

2006: Youngest Britons to Summit Mount Everest

On 17th May 2006 James and Rob became the youngest Britons to summit Mt Everest at the age of 19. This climb was the culmination of three years of training that had seen them climb Ama Dablam in Nepal, attempt Spantik in Pakistan, and enjoy numerous rock and ice routes in the Alps and the UK.

Pre-2005: James attended Christ’s Hospital School, in West Sussex, UK. He owes much of his opportunity to the education he received at this charitable school, which was also where he met his expedition partner and friend Rob Gauntlett.



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